Sep 052011

Have you ever heard the phrase table top quality?  Did you wonder what it means?   Well, if you know or think you know what table top quality means read on and I will share with you my findings.  We will attempt to do this by not siding with any one view (I will still pick on stereotypes though), but instead by defining it based off reading articles, and forum posts from Dakka Dakka, Bolter and Chainsword, Cmon, and game manufacturer’s websites.


When I first decided to write this article I thought I had a good understanding of the phrase.  I was wrong.  I discovered that a  part of the “painting” community is loud enough that that they are heard.  Not only are these people loud they are rude.  You will find comments like”table top quality is just another way of saying ” , and “tabletop quality is just an excuse for you not wanting to play me”.  So if you are a new player or painter who plays you are forewarned that you will be up against this kind of mentality.  I suggest you steer clear of these people as best you can while you are learning to paint.

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