Heavy Gear Assault Leopard Preview

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Jun 252017

The Heavy Gear Assault development team is very pleased to announce that Dream Pod 9 has renewed our Heavy Gear license until 2022. We are fully committed to the Heavy Gear universe and we are poised to continue bringing new features and content online in a competitive multiplayer format following our Early Access development schedule. We have some very exciting announcements planned regarding our first Early Access eSports tournament so please stay tuned!


Introducing the Leopard, a light weight, all terrain Gear developed in the North specifically as a duelist and light combat Gear.




Over the next few weeks, they’ll implement the Leopard into the game.

Warquest from MR. B Games

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Aug 222016

war questtWarQuest



WarQuest is a high fantasy/grand strategy game that immerses players in the world of Myrathia where each takes the role of a warlord seeking to reunite the fractured land under his/her banner. During the game, players will recruit different races (wood elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs and satyrs) to fill their armies, travel across the world of Myrathia, complete demanding quests, engage in ferocious battles, conquer and control strategic regions, and if successful, make themselves ruler of all Myrathia.



Custom plastic coins

Over 100 highly detailed Minatures


1-4 players

Age 13+

30-45 minutes per player.

Auroch / Steve Jackson Games Agree On Digital Ogre Release

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Jul 222016

Auroch / Steve Jackson Games Agree On Digital Ogre Release

Ogre, the classic game of future tank warfare, will come to PC via Steam next year in a hex/turn based adaptation by experienced Steam developer and publisher Auroch Digital. Ogre raised nearly a million dollars on Kickstarter for its giant Designer’s Edition, and one of the stretch-goal promises was “We will do a computer game.” Here it comes. Work on the project will begin immediately, and the game should be released in late 2017.


Auroch Digital Ltd. is the acclaimed and multiple award-nominated Bristol-based indie games studio, founded by veteran game designer Dr. Tomas Rawlings.

Steve Jackson Games publishes OgreMunchkinZombie DiceChez Geek, and a lot of other board and card games. Its big upcoming project is Car Wars on Kickstarter.


Auroch Digital: visit aurochdigital.com, follow on twitter.com/AurochDigitalfacebook.com/AurochDigital. For Presskit see:aurochdigital.com/presskit-aurochdigital/.

Steve Jackson Games: www.sjgames.com/ogre/