D-Day at Peleliu: 15 September 1944 From Decision Games

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Sep 172015

DdayD-Day at Peleliu: 15 September 1944



D-Day at Peleliu is a solitaire game simulating the amphibious invasion of Peleliu in the Palau Islands. The Marines assaulted with the primary goal of capturing the airstrip nestled amid jungle and overlooked by forbidding mountain terrain. Though Maj. Gen. William Rupertus, commander of the division, predicted a quick four-day victory, the battle was instead a two-month ?ght to the death against some 10,000 tenacious Japanese.

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From Mr.B Games This March Clockwork Kingdom

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Feb 232015

clockwork kingdomClockwork Kingdom



The king has unexpectedly died and has left the kingdom without a successor. With your army of loyal steam-powered automatons to do your bidding, you will compete for resources, power, and influence.


Choose wisely when deciding where to send your servants, whether to get supplies from the market, build useful contraptions in the workshop, or even attempt to acquire powerful alchemy stones, all the while you will be warring with your rivals in a number of battlefields in an attempt to control the kingdom by force. Only the most cunning lord can rule the Clockwork Kingdom…


Will you be the next King to lead the Kingdom?

Clockwork Kingdom is a worker placement game for 2-4 players set in a fantasy steampunk universe.

2-4 players

Ages 14+

30+ minute play time


Oct 192011

Pre-Convention Expectations

As a gaming convention virgin I really didn’t know what to expect from Con on the Cob in Hudson, Ohio.  I’ve only been to a few “other” conventions of any sort (a toy-fare in Pittsburgh, PA and the Triplet Convention twice with my family), so I understood the general concept.  Gamers gather, play all their favorite games, try out some new games, check out some cool and/or weird art, books and other gaming-related products, attend seminars, enjoy some entertainment and other parties.

Matt and I contacted many of the artists, vendors, game producers and other special guest to set up interviews and promote this site and our larger project of what Through Gamer Goggles is about to become.

And then we arrived.

Initial Impressions

We were a little early by intent, to give us time to meet Andy Hupp – the coordinator for the convention and artist extraordinaire (or at least extraordinarily weird) – as well as set up our own table and orient ourselves to the hotel facilities.

The first day Matt and I met a lot of artists, developers, etc.  Check out the interviews!  I cannot possibly thank all of you enough.  But special thanks go out to Vicky Beaver from Savage-Mojo; Ben who ran some D&D Dungeon Delve encounters; Mary Ann of Chicken Hut Games; Jay and Sue of Lonely Die Press, John, Ryan, Ed, and Matt of Silvervine Games.

While I was secretly thankful for a cold that left my nose stuffy and unable to smell some of the less-than-hygienic gamers, I found this to be the most welcoming and friendly crowd ever.  For a bunch of dice-rolling, basement dwelling, introverted geeks, even someone as shy as myself found it easy and enjoyable to interact with so many different people.  As far as I could tell, a good time was had by all.

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Back From Magic the Gathering Grand Prix Pittsburgh 2011

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Aug 302011

Well, I am back from Grand Prix Pittsburgh.  It was a great event.   I am glad that I was a part of the staff serving 1400 plus players in the main event. But let’s back up.   I arrived in Pittsburgh Friday morning and left Sunday evening.  Here is a brief overview of some of the experience.

On Friday I herded players to the correct location for registration.

Saturday was a different story.  I was on the paper team for the main event.  The most interesting ruling I had was well I didn’t have any of the cool ones.  That does not mean that the event did not need judges, it just means the players have a good understanding of standard.   My favorite ruling of the weekend has to be: A player with 0 cards in hand casts preordain.   Instead of scrying 2, he makes puts both cards in hand and plays one of them, a land.  The other remains in hand as he passes the turn.  Ouch!  Drawing Extra Cards, nope the card is easily identifiable.   It was downgraded to a GRV and the card was returned to the top of the library.


Sunday, is never as busy as day 2.  I worked side events.  I floated around the floor as much as possible.  I was fortunate enough to HJ 4 of the events.  I think that is a fair amount considering we had divide the events up amongst about 20 judges.  The Limited PTQ had an amazing 379 players.  That is awesome


Special thanks to Mike Guptil, The Head Judges (Erik, and Kevin)all of the team leads, Wizards of the Coast, and all of the players.

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Magic the Gathering Grand Prix Pittsburgh 2011

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Aug 242011

Well, I really wish I had a lot more time to hype this Magic the Gathering event up – I don’t.  Here is the run down.  I am Leaving early Friday (Augus26th 2011) morning, after sending the children off to school, to judge at the Grand Prix in Pittsburgh (standard).  Between now and then I have to maintain my Dad’s Kitchen image for the kids, study more, shop for food (I always take some healthy foods just in case), and pack.  They are a very fun, and educating experience.  If you are a judge, Grand Prix’s are an awesome avenue for learning.  There are so many players and judges there that you will something new at every event, and most likely each day.   Since you are broken down into teams it is an excellent time to set a goal for yourself, like learning layering.  OOPS!  I’m rambling.  This event is going to be extremely busy.   There will be about 50 judges to handle about 1500 players.  That is going to be a lot of work.  I am looking forward to it though.


The artists attending are RK Post and Christopher Moeller.  I always look forward to getting some cards signed and buying at least one print.


Well enough about the Grand Prix for now.  I will Try and have a GP report up by Tuesday August 30th.

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