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Open Sesame from IDW June 30th

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May 182015

open sesaOpen Sesame



You’ve opened the Cave of Treasures, now can you escape with the spoils?


Welcome to Open Sesame: a press-your-luck card game of high-stakes memorization and deduction by world renowned game designer and multi-Spiel des Jahres winner, Antoine Bauza (7 Wonders, Takenoko, Tokaido, Rampage, Hanabi).

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From Czech Games Edition

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Jan 122015




A little mandrake root, a little raven’s feather. Toss them in the cauldron and see what they make. Should you drink it? Maybe not. After all, that’s what students are for.


Welcome to the world of Alchemists! Perform experiments to discover the magical properties of your ingredients. Demonstrate your knowledge by selling potions. Use the money to buy artifacts that further your research. Publish, publish, publish! Earn grants. And expose the fallacies published by those fools who think they can be your rivals.


Alchemists is a game of strategy, risk assessment, and deduction. Do you experiment to get more knowledge or do you publish now to get more points? Pay to endorse the latest theory of toads or save your money for an artifact? And should you really be selling that potion to the large axe-wielding barbarian when you aren’t quite sure of its effects? The choices you make will prove whether you are the world’s greatest alchemist.


2-4 players

Ages 13+

120 minute play time


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