May 242016

Odin’s Ravens from Osprey Games is a race around the world.  It uses card to create an environment where outwitting your opponent may be the only way to win.  It takes seconds to learn and only minutes to play.

Would you believe the simplicity of this game is pretty complicated?  Well, the tactics that can be created certainly are, and you can out think yourself.

Flea Market™ From Mayfair in Late February

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Jan 262015

fleaFlea Market™    $21.00


It’s Market Day, so head down to the flea market to see what hidden treasures you can find. As a buyer’s agent, you are trying to find popular items, buy them cheap, and sell them for a profit!

If you are the first player to earn $45 you win!


Leo Colovini’s Bargain Hunting Dice Game



  • Market board
  • 3 demand dice
  • 10 player dice (2 dice per player)
  • 5 player tiles
  • 1 active agent tile
  • 16 cool item tokens
  • 60 pieces of cash
  • 1 rules sheet

Box Breaking 154 Dragon Cultists from GF9

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Jan 202015

In this Box Breaking Matt takes a close look at the Dragon Cultists from Gale Force 9 for Dungeons and Dragons.  this new figures will bring a new meaning to the 5th ed Campaign Tyranny of Dragons.

I have liked all of the Gale Force 9 figures so far and from the looks of these I’m sure we are going to see more good things.

Review of a Zombie Hunter’s Guide

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Oct 202014

I just finished reading Zombies a Hunter’s Guide. My copy is the limited edition version, it a nice cover with silver gilded pages. Osprey Publishing did a good job with the production of this book, but not as well as Joseph McCullough did writing it.

The first thing that caught me about this book was the style it was written in. Joseph wrote from the point of view that the Zombie Apocalypse was very much alive and well. I loved the approach. It made the book very entertaining.

Even though he’s very entertaining the book includes a lot of information. Joseph includes information on every zombie type there is. Each zombie profile includes a history, creation information, how to identify them, what they are a threat to, and how to eliminate them and prevention techniques.

The book includes a detailed section on weapons and tactics that is a good read for any miniatures player.

If yo are a Zombie fan this is a book for you. It was truly a pleasure to read.