Gen Con 2016 Coverage 23: Realm Works overview

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Aug 132016

A demo of the Realm Works product from Lone Wolf.  They demonstrate the features using an example from the Emerald Spire for Pathfinder, a future release.  What I like about this is the fact that you can do a fog of war type of game for your party.  More importantly is the fact that you double check your work before revealing it to the party.

This will be ideal for some many gae groups it’s not funny. Where I think it will see a lot of use is in remote games.

Prohis from Blue Orange Games

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Aug 292015




In the United States, during the 1920s, the Volstead Act forbids the manufacturing and sale of alcohol. Nevertheless, prohibition is going to represent a gold mine for smugglers who dare to challenge the authorities. From the hooligan to the respected politician, many people have tried their luck on this lucrative market, yet it remains a dangerous activity since the agents of the prohibition; the Prohis, roam around…


In Prohis, each player embodies a smuggler who tries to make a fortune by transporting illegal goods – a highly precarious activity since the other players have the opportunity to check your cargo or even seize it if they find suspicious items. You will need to bluff and negotiate to get past the authorities and make your way to fortune otherwise your goods might end up in the wrong hands and you’ll be sorry!


3-6 players

Ages 10+



88 Goods Cards

20 Prohi Cards