Review 1 Yashima from Greenbrier Games

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Jun 252015

In this video Matt and David play through their idea of a Yashima Demo game.  Then they share their thoughts on what is good or bad.

If you visit Tony Gullotti’s Facebook page you can get a look at some of the newer things they have planned.

Painting Miniatures from A to Z by Angel Giráldez (Volume 1)

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Apr 082015

angelPainting Miniatures from A to Z by Angel Giráldez (Volume 1)



Vallejo is pleased to present Angel Giráldez’s first Vallejo figure painting manual, Painting Miniatures from A to Z., Angel Giráldez Masterclass Volume 1. The book shows the painting methods which, over the years, have helped Angel bring Infinity’s miniature range to life.


This manual describes, in meticulously detailed step-by-step tutorials accompanied by hundreds of full-color pictures, how to apply Angel’s techniques to some of the most outstanding miniatures of the Infinity range.


Each book includes a complementary exclusive miniature “Jeanne of Arc” (scale 32mm).


This miniature is part of the product and cannot be sold separately. Miniature is supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.


120 pages, A4 Format, English

Fidelitas February 20th

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Feb 052015




In Fidelitas, players take on the role of faithful citizens in a medieval city who are exerting influence in order to gain the credibility needed to lead the charge against the corrupt crown.


Players play character cards to various locations that make up the city in order to meet conditions of hidden objectives. Each type of character card is associated with a unique action that manipulates cards in the game: the Butcher bullies other characters to new locations, the Student gains more cards, the Soldier keeps the peasants from loitering too long, etc. In this game where keen maneuvering is key, attentiveness to the opposition may uncover hidden motives that seek to foil your bid for power.


The first player to gain a certain number points (depending on the number of players) is determined worthy to lead the revolt and also wins the game.