Shadowrun Anarchy

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Oct 022016
Shadowrun: Anarchy
Shadowrun: Anarchy is a new way to get into the best cyberpunk/urban fantasy action around. Based upon the rules-light and easy-to-learn Cue System, Shadowrun: Anarchy is a narrative-focused game experience that has everything you need to quickly grab some gear, load up on spells, and get to throwing the dice. With loads of characters and missions, the book makes it simple to get up and running. Immerse yourselves in the Sixth World!

Dystopian Wars Releases in December

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Nov 202015
DWKB50DWKB50 Kingdom of Britannia Windsor Mobile Fortification
Built to mimic a Norman castle, the Windsor is one of the more ambitious weapons of war ever created by the Kingdom of Britannia. Less of a robot and more of a mobile gun platform, it is truly devastating in battle as it walks to victory! This behemoth of war was created to inspire the soldiers of the KoB, representing one of the most iconic structures ever built on the fair isles – Windsor Castle. Festooned with volley guns and sporting devastating Cannons the Windsor will be the pride of any military force fielding it. Can be assembled on a scenic ground or water base.
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