Jul 142016

No fantasy epic is without a legion of evil to go up against, right? Developer Underbite Games has today detailed enemy types from their upcoming turn-based tactical RPG, Super Dungeon Tactics – based on the hit board game Super Dungeon Explore.

Evil in Super Dungeon Tactics has many forms (over 70 unique types, actually). Whether they’re the dragon worshipping Kobolds or undead skeletons, each enemy players encounter feature unique traits catered to the conflict at hand. Color-coded Kobolds reflect which attributes they specialize in, such as green for range, red for magic, or yellow and blue for power and defense, respectively.

Enemies possess team roles and scaled ranks too, all the way up to big & bad boss types that require advanced tactics in order to defeat. In Super Dungeon Tactics, strategy is key to saving the world.

Underbite Games’ latest blog post detailing enemy ranks, types and variants can be found here.

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