Jul 192013

Spy Alley Dice GameSpy Alley Dice Game

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In Spy Alley Dice, each player becomes a spy for their given country. Players roll the dice for a chance to guess their opponents identities. If a player rolls 3 of a kind, they may take a guess of any player as the spy that is on the three dice. If a player rolls five of a kind, they may either guess a player as any spy, or they may take a big chance and try to accomplish their mission. To accomplish their mission, the player that rolled the 5 of a kind must ask each player in a clockwise manner if they want to guess him as the spy identity on the dice. If no player is willing to make a guess and the player is the spy on the dice, that player has accomplished his mission and wins the game. Otherwise, the last player remaining in the game is the winner.



5 Spy Alley Dice

6 Identification Cards

1 Carrying bag


2-6 players

Ages: 8+

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