Aug 072013


$59.99 SRP

The Dwarves of Shafausa have discovered a vast underground cache of wealth and resources deep under the slopes of Mount Ego. This has created a commodities market in Helvetia.

Each player manages one of the native tribes of the land. Your tribe will begin with a starting building and a few coins. Over the course of each round you will collect resources, purchase new buildings, and improve your village. You will also need to ensure that all the resources are stored properly. Concluding the turn is the Speculation Phase where you can price fix, block purchases and to position yourself for the next round.

Can you negotiate, trade, and sell your goods to become the most profitable tribe in the land?

2-6 players

Ages 14+

60-180 minute play time


8 player boards

280 resource cubes

80 mines (double-sided)


Score cards

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