May 012015

bloodyShadowrun: Bloody Business



A scared megacorporation does not run and hide in the shadows. Instead it lashes out, swiping with sharp claws, not caring who gets caught by the blows. Many of the megacorps are currently reeling, hit by multiple harsh blows. NeoNET and Evo are dealing with the fallout of the CFD virus, Ares has powerful forces eating it away from inside, Horizon backed the losing side of the Aztlan-Amazonia war, and the Japanacorps are rearing back to take on the world – and each other. When the corps get aggressive, shadowrunners get called, and blood gets shed.

In this campaign book, players have a chance to earn piles of money from the megacorps, and then use their best moves to survive long enough to collect it.


Bloody Business is a campaign book for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.

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