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Sep 092012

Now available, our new Jungle series bases and more Techno bases.

25mm Hex Jungle Bases (sold individually) 25mmHexJ $2.00

25mm Hex Jungle Base 5-Pack 25mmHexJ5 $7.00

40mm Round Jungle Base 40mmRoundJ1 $4.00


60mm Round Jungle Base 60mmRoundJ1 $6.50

(Feature sunken Asp Gear)


40mm Round Techno Base 40mmRoundT1 $4.00


60mm Round Techno Base 60mmRoundT1 $8.00

(Features 3 separate ammo crates accessories, in metal)


Ammo Crate Accessories sprue (3 metal ammo crates) $3.00


Armored Jackets Update

We are currently updating our armoured jackets torso to the new “ball and socket” standard. The following Gear are now available:














Black Mamba












Warrior IV



They are $3.00 each.


Hybrid Resin-Metal Kit

Dream Pod 9 is always improving our product line and has started updating certain resin kits into resin-metal kit. Some of the first are the NuCoal Hussar Walker, the NuCoal Voltigeur Tank and the NuCoal Fusilier Hovertank.










Retail Price Revision

A heads-up to our loyal customers, on October 1 2012, a price revision of our main product lines will come into effect. Stay tuned for more details.


Summer Blitz Event

A quick reminder to everyone that we have extended our Summer Blitz Event to September 22 2012, the official end of summer. This is your final chance to get your Task Force Deals or Armor Deals at a great saving!

Check out the details at:

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