Apr 112014

If you consider yourself a gamer and you haven’t read this article yet you should.

I have to admit when I first heard the Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day  were crowd funding I was angry, for a variety of reasons.   Mostly, because I felt cheated.  I mean I work a real job, have a family, and I maintain this blog.  All of which are a time consuming adventure.  And oh did I mention that I am trying to pave the way into a writing career.

Then I started thinking about what they do.  They play games.   I play games, sometimes.   From  being a cameraman and an editor of all of my material I can relate to some of the techniques they use.  Even though I am far from an expert anyone who thinks for a moment must realize that TableTop uses a crew and a studio (expensive).  I like so many other bloggers use their own home.  I believe there is one veteran out there that uses his garage.  Where am I going with this?   While we let you visit our home Wil’s approach is very different.  The environment he has brings is so inviting that it is more like you invite him into your home.   Why is that so unique?  He captures the experience of playing with famous geeks and gamers right in your home.   But that is really just the beginning.

In a way you can say that TableTop is a marketing program and I am sure there are some perks involved there always are.  But that is so trivial when you consider the big picture. Yes, they are asking for money but that isn’t what is important.  It is about the reach and influence the show has.  Geek and Sundry has taken TableTop to heights I never thought it would reach, and I am jealous.  Not only do they make us more aware of games that are out there.  But More importantly, and this is key, they have started to change the image of gaming.   By introducing guests of our subculture to the world Wil and Felicia influence everyday ordinary citizens.  That’s right the way the non gaming culture looks at us is changing.  They are starting to see that successful people can be and often are geeks.


Wil I hope you hit that 750k mark and more.  I would love to see that RPG episode.  I can only hope for the best.


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