Jul 092012

Scavengers is a board game that was an Origins Nominee this year. Each player has four recipes they need to scavenge the ingredients for. The first to do so wins the game. Where players compete to win, or scavenge, food at camps. They do this by using a hand of cards that contains “camp” effects, and scavengers. The two scavengers that come to my mind are Coyote and Raccoon. Each animal has a strength that is used to determine who wins the camp. This is done by adding each players strength and comparing them to other players totals at the same camp. The board consists of only three camps.


When I opened up the game I really though that it was going to be superficial. Then I read the rules. I was to say the least frustrated. It isn’t the rules fault. It is mine. There is a lot to take in visually when learning how to play scavengers. I suggest having one person moderate the first game while others play. About the game itself, I really thought it was going to be simpler than it is. The game is truly a tactical and strategy game. What do I mean by that? It is tactical because each round brings new challenges to each player for recipe fulfillment. And it is strategic because you have long term planning in the works from the start of your first turn.


All in all Scavengers is an excellent game that has earned a spot in my convention box. In other words I like it enough it is going to travel with me, and I am hard to please.


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