Nov 212011

It has been a long time since I have role played.  I am getting ready to start a campaign in a system yet to be determined .  I am leaning towards Rifts or Ninjas and Superspies.  I haven’t played Rifts since 1998 and I am longing for a session.

Enough about what game system we will play.  The thought of playing has reminded me that sometimes things that shouldn’t need to be said must be said.   Huh?  hat in the world am I talking about?  Well, you’re a player what do you think?

Have you ever been sitting around a game table and caught a wiff of something that just doesn’t belong at the game table?  Have you ever been frustrated out of your mind because another just won’t stop talking?  Have you ever not wanted to play your character because one character in the part just makes you feel inferior?  If so you just might want to read this article.

I have spent at least a few years of my life gaming or volunteering at game events.  While there is no “professional” status to volunteering, there comes a time when your experience speaks for itself.  A couple of the things I have learned are that games are only as fun as the people who play them, and behavior is key top unlocking a good game.

In preparation for a new role playing game I have been thinking a lot about the people that I have played games with.  The vast majority of them are my close and personal friends.  but there have been times I have visited a local game store, or a convention.  It is these experiences that are often the most memorable (one way or the other).   So in order to help lessen the possibility of an abysmal experience,  I have created some etiquette that all players and GM’s should follow.  Here it is.


RPG’S are a community game.

What happens in game stays in game.  Don’t carry your characters death into real life.  Life has enough problems without you mourning make believe.

Never injure or maim a party member (PC).  You shouldn’t be a jerk to the party unless it is planned by the party.

Don’t interrupt – casually get their attention if you want to say something.

Communication is key.  If you can’t communicate you may as well not play.

Twinking allowing characters to power level off higher level characters.

Mary Sues Characters that have stats that are too beneficial giving them an unrealistic advantage in game

Avoid Cheesing.

Keep the game age appropriate.

Set differences aside.


Don’t expect to be loved if you are rude.

Take a shower.

No flatulence.


I hope this gives all of you – even those of you that don’t play RPG’s something to think about.  Most of those guidelines are just common courtesies and living up to them can make a game a lot more interesting.




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