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Sep 132013

Earlier this year Infinity Gate had put up a Kickstarter for this amazing looking car combat game. I did research, sent some emails and got in touch with Miles Holmes. We talked about the game I read over some early release rules and have been very impressed. Then i heard the BIG news he was going to be at Gen Con and doing demos I signed up as soon as I heard.

Saturday evening I meet with Miles finally after much emails back and forth. I got an over view of all the core components of the game as envisioned as a box set. After that we set forth with the gameplay demo

We played a death race first to earn 5 VP (victory points) or destroy the other would win. I decided it would be better to try and blow a hole in the rear of Miles car. So I slowed down and got on his tail. Using some of my special weapon systems I was able to use my machine guns as a range finder for my missile system.

Miles was forced to move evasively and it spelled near doom for him a few times almost smashing into unseen debris or a wall that came out of no where. He cleared 4 VP and we were on the last tile and I had only one shot left to kill him…

Up to this point i was engrossed with the game play nothing i have played before this was so easy to pick up and enjoy. Also even once you make your model yournot stuck with WYSISYG like most games you have so many internal options like special systems and ammo types that make the same mini usable for many different roles.

Back to the final turn it was close I blew my last shot rolling ones, if I remember right, and Miles had his shot to freedom.

The Road/Kill Kickstarter went live Septmber 9th and is doing well in its first few days. Check them out at Road/Kill Kickstarter


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