Oct 062011

First I am sorry for not posting this yesterday,  real life got in the way.   Second, I was going to start with more black cards, but I really have not had a chance to look it over yet.

Why does red burn Innistrad?  Lets take a step back a moment and look at what I am saying.  Red Deck wins is hardly using any Red cards from Innistrad.   David Doberne took 1st at the Star City open in Indianapolis.  Here is the link to his deck.  In the whole deck there are only three named cards from Innistraad, Brimstone Volley, Stormskirk Noble, and Traitorous Blood.  The deck I was going to post differed like this instead of Brimstone Volley I was going to run Goblin Grenade, and instead of  goblin Arsonist I was going to run Reckless Waif.

After looking at his deck I can’t believe I overlooked Brimstone volley.  Duh! 5 damage, an instantand it was one of my favorite picks 2 weeks ago.  The really funny part is I just used a whole bunch of creatures that had good card quality, like Spikeshote Elder, Chandra’s Phoenix, and Grim Lavamancer.  I didn’t even see how good it was until I started writing this article today.

Brimstone Volley is so easy to cause its 5 damage (Grim lavamncer or spikeshot)

With Chandra’s Phoenix you can almost always guarantee having a creature in play.  Too bad the phoenix doesn’t have Flash.

Stormskirk is just darned good right now.  I mean you have to play him; the anti human energizer vampire just doesn’t stop growing.

Enough about the deck.  Why isn’t Red Innistrad seeing more play, when it has some pretty good cards?The truth is Red deck wins didn’t really lose that many cards.  It still has a lot to offer us like Devils Play, and Ancient Grudge.  I am sure the will turn up in a control deck somewhere.  It wouldn’t be surprising if  Curse of the Stalked Prey  and Curse of the Pierced Heart make it into a goblin deck that does fairly well.   HMM I think I will build that for my second son.


Next Time I hope to look at Green and blue.  More Specifically R/G aggro.   With any luck we might even get to talk about R/U/G.

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