Aug 112013

image015.jpgimage015Revolver 1.3: Vengeance On The Frontier

$14.95 SRP

Revolver: Vengeance on the Frontier;  the third in a series of expansions for Revolver 1, gives both players the option of buying cards from a separate, neutral Frontier deck with dollar coin tokens earned during the main game. Many of these cards feature a choice of useful options. Others are threats which can be played by either player, such as “Old Three Toes”, a monstrous grizzly bear that is particularly difficult to kill.

The expansion further elaborates on the new winning condition added for McReady in Revolver: Hunt the Man Down, and many of the cards are also useful to both players at the San Manzanillo prison location.

•22 Frontier cards featuring a bear’s head icon, usable by either player
•4 Ned McReady deck expansion cards
•4 Jack Colty deck expansion cards
•6 Dollar coin tokens

Players: 2
Ages: 12+
Time: 45 minutes

Requires the Revolver 1 main game to play.

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