Feb 222013
Fallout: New Vegas box art

Fallout: New Vegas box art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Greetings Gamers I bring you a review of Fallout New Vegas. This is a game that i have been wanting to get since it came out. I found it at a bargain price at newegg so i picked it up. I had heard alot about the new crafting system and the abilities to add mods to weapons. I started playing my first game on a Friday night at 10pm. character creation was excellently blended into the game play. Got used to the controls and the interface in the intro missions in good springs saw it was 12pm. “OK” i thought “I have time to play a little more. help get Primm a new sheriff. Need be said i got sucked in and my first session ended at 4AM. The overall game play is very immersive Story is very compelling and the side plots create replayability. As what factions you side with will change the over all arc of the story.

more to come as i play.

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