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pitRelic Knights: Cerci Speed Circuit: Pit Crew



They say a racer is only as good as their pit crew, and in the deadly high-stakes Cerci Speed Circuit nothing could be more true. A dependable pit crew must not only be able to fix a wrecked racer, but fend off competitors seeking to put them out of the race for good. Nothing a swing of the trusty wrench can’t handle!





Cerci Speed Circuit Minion Squad – 2 Pit Crew Models

Two 30mm Bases

Pit Crew Tracker and Reference Card



royalRelic Knights: Cerci Speed Circuit: Royal Wrecker



Wrecks happen, and it’s the Royal Wreckers’ job to see that wreckage is cleared from the track without stopping the race. The best wreckers don’t just get you off the track, but keep you alive while doing it.



Cerci Speed Circuit Minion – Royal Wrecker Model

One 50mm Base

Royal Wrecker Tracker and Reference Card



CorsairsRelic Knights: Star Nebula Corsairs: Corsairs



Corsairs come from all walks of life. Some are desperate scoundrels, others are soldiers of fortune, still others are just mean and looking to inflict some misery and get rich in the process. Most eventually find their way to the Star Nebula and the corsairs of Calico Kate. From its labyrinthine depths the corsairs prey on the shipping lanes. Those few who survive to retire do so in rare wealth and splendor.



Star Nebula Corsairs Minion Squad – 5 Corsairs Models

Five 30mm Bases

Unit Tracker and Reference Cards

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