May 182017

Bestiary 6

Book of Monsters


Published by Paizo

Bestiary 6 is full of new monsters and potential player races.  Many of which are inspired by myth, lore Lovecraft and more! It’s a large collection of monsters that might make you wonder what they’re thinking.  I mean it’s their sixth book of monsters, seventh if you count the Monster Codex. As you might expect the book is well organized and it is just full of new art, plus it also includes appendixes and updated universal monster rules.

Bestiary 6 contains all kinds of goodies


Horsemen of the Apocalypse






Player Races 5


New familiars


Specific Monsters that stand out to me

Alter Ego

Animous Shade

elder Wyrm



When I first found out about Bestiary 6 I was like really?  Can they pull it off? Well, I think they did just that! While many of the monsters in this book are CR heavy there are still a lot of lower level gems in this book. As a GM I will be happy using the information here to design my own corner or alternate reality of Golaria.  As a player I am extremely worried about what my GM will be plotting to do to me.

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