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46ad04ea-03be-4a49-b9e4-99e4625862c8Ravage – Dungeons of Plunder

Anti-Hero dungeon crawl coming to Kickstarter

Ain’t no Heroes in this game, you play a band of Blackroot Orcs delving dungeons for loot and teef, that’s right you are smashing in the faces of your enemies for teef! The tile based game is designed and illustrated by artist Ian Schofield (Achtung! Cthulhu, Mutant Chronicles, Terra Tiles: Misty Moorlands and Coasts & Rivers). Ian will be launching the Kickstarter next week.

Ian found work in horror and terrain illustration commissions however still craved high fantasy work that he grew up on, so started creating a project he would have chewed his right arm off to work on, a dungeon crawler called Ravage.

The game boasts 3 play modes:

Solo Survive the dungeon and its random boss encounter for victory, there is no resurrection in this mode.

Adventure (Co-Op) Play co-operatively with your friends to complete quests, bury the head, defeat the cave serpent and destroy the spider’s lair.

Treachery (VS) You each control the dungeon and monsters that you pull on your turn, pitting them against your friends, setting off traps, looting your opponents whilst you try to keep the dungeon at bay. Each hero kill will gain you promotions, become the war chief to win.

You get to pick from one of the 4 castes:

– Berserker – Unleash powerful attacks charge at your enemies, frenzy and attack multiple foes.

– Shaman – Using your tribal magic transform into a raven or a bear, summon spirits and blood wield your enemies.

– Cultist – Inflict fear, life drain your enemies and even summon the undead to fight for you.

– Head hunter – Use poison and flaming arrows to destroy your enemies and even take head shots.


Each player’s orc has a set of weapons and ability cards that require energy to use, once you have enough energy you can unleash these devastating attacks on your enemies. Exhausted energy turns into experience, gain enough experience and level up your abilities.

The dungeon is presented in a deck of cards, cards are drawn each turn for you to explore the dungeon, they include hallways or room cards, for you to construct your dungeon randomly every time. You will encounter traps as you traverse through the dungeon it’s not a safe place to be, as you and your friends will discover. The custom dice determine trap outcomes, your attack and defence rolls and allow you to gain energy. The different coloured dice represent low, medium, or high odds of a successful outcome.

About Ian Schofield

Ian has been creating Ravage – Dungeons of Plunder for the past 2 years, working on the game design, illustrations, graphic design, also working with Tony Strongman on the stories for the quests. His friends helped out with inspiration, stories, rules clarifications and play testing.

Ian played Ravage with the Modiphius crew back at the UK Games Expo last year, and have been in communication with them since and we are delighted to say Modiphius Entertainment will be co-publishing Ravage, handling distribution and supporting his Kickstarter which launches next week.

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