Nov 082012

Hello Bloggers and News Sources,


Dream Pod 9 is about to launch Forged in Fire: the Southern Field Guide this week for Pre-Orders.

In this e-mail, please find attached, a doc detailing the bundles, the release schedule for news and you are on Dropbox, the art assets will be loaded there.






We will launch the bundle deals on Friday November 9th. Please see the accompanying doc detailing the bundles. Please do not run the story until Nov 9th.


All gamers that pre-order any of the bundles between November 9 and December 2nd Midnight EST will receive the pre-order bonus, a $30.00 value for free. This is an exclusive early release miniature of the Diamondback, the AST insignia patch and a set of heavy weapons special infantry to go with the platoon.


After December 2nd, these bonuses will no longer be included in the bundles.


There will be 3 bundles available:


The Southern Super Bundle is designed for new players coming into the game, the Southern Reinforcement Bundle is for existing Southern Player who wants to have all the new toys and the Southern Epic Bundle



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