May 222015

portoPorto Carthago



Carthage – long before the deadly conflict with Rome, was one of the most important sea and economic powers of its time. You are a senator, vying for power through your servants and connections but beware, you have enemies in your midst and they too, want power in the palace. Can you beat them at their own game or will you fall in the empire’s shadow?



During five decades or rounds, players use their servants to earn income or they can position them to obtain goods which can then be loaded onto incoming merchant ships. You also have the risk of chartering a private vessel to expedite your goods faster but at a much higher cost. As you earn more influence in the harbor, you can also determine where the best ships will dock – all with the goal of buying influence in the palace.


Only the player who develops the best business – through any means necessary – will end the game as the most influential senator.


3-5 players

Ages 12+

90 minute play time

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