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PFDF07PFDF07 Dindrenzi Federation Ground Attack Helix
The Daedalus Heavy Ground Attack Gunships are often deployed by the Dindrenzi in the first wave of any assault. Armed with Heavy Vulcan Missiles that tear through shields and armour with apparent ease, there are few who can discount its incredible first-strike potential. The Daedalus is also equipped with terrifyingly effective close quarter battle weapons that are often used in advance of it unleashing its highly effective main ordnance.
When aerial reconnaissance determines that the enemy has manifested a larger number of armoured elements to face the Dindrenzi, the Icarus is often called into service to tip the balance. Similar to its larger compatriot – the Daedalus, the Icarus Ground Attack Gunship has a bank of Vulcan Missiles mounted into the chassis that allows Dindrenzi Aerial Commanders to execute a backup strategy should the initial Heavy Gunship attack fail to eliminate the threat.
Contains: 2 Daedalus Ground Attack Heavy Gunships and 4 Icarus Ground Attack Gunships. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

PFTA07PFTA07 Terran Alliance Ground Attack Helix
The Dellingr Ground Attack Vehicle is an incredibly robust Terran Flyer that previously saw use as a corporate shuttle craft. However it soon became apparent that the rugged nature of the Transport would allow for its use as a battlefield asset. Whilst not armed with any main ordnance, the Ground Attack Transport provides the perfect delivery system for the heavy Huscarl Infantry that the Terran forces use to crush enemy resistance.
The Hermoor Ground Attack Gunship is an extremely flexible aircraft, often used to provide escorts for orbit to surface landers. Armed with a Hammerstrike Missile system that delivers warhead munitions that can reliably eliminate infantry and vehicles alike, the Gunship is equally effective operating in a squadron on its own.
The mighty Huscarl Heavy Infantry strike an imposing mien on the battlefield. Armed with dual-mounted Raptor Grenade Launchers and a multitude of close quarter battle weapons, they are frequently sent into hot-zones where their survivability is required to break the back of the enemy resistance.
Contains: 1 Dellingr Ground Attack Heavy Transport, 2 Hermoor Ground Attack Gunships and 4 Huscarl Heavy Infantry Bases. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

PFAP07PFAP07 Aquan Prime Ground Attack Helix
The Kalari Heavy Ground Attack Gunship utilises the brutally efficient Venom Missile System to direct attacks against the enemy, exceling at engaging infantry targets in particular. Unusually for Aquan Prime assets the Kalari is also equipped with extensive close quarter battle weaponry that can be targeted right into the teeth of the enemy line with exceptional speed and aggression.
The Comanu Ground Attack Gunship is a robust and dependable flyer, used to soften up elusive targets prior to ground forces finishing them off. Armed with a strong Sunflare Burst Laser, it excels in hitting the enemy in the flank, where its pinpoint laser fire is more than capable of eliminating multiple targets in an enemy squadron.
Contains: 2 Kalari Ground Attack Heavy Gunships and 3 Comanu Ground Attack Gunships. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

PFSC07PFSC07 Sorylian Collective Ground Attack Helix
The pilots of the Sorylian Ground Attack Cadres are utterly fearless, engaging the enemy with a directness that causes them to be held in grudging respect by their enemies. Charging in with two heavy Koli Concussion Guns, the Sar’Maks must get close to deliver their ordnance, but when they do, they cause the enemy to cower in terror as the precise application of force shreds its way through their ranks.
The Vro’Mak Ground Attack Gunship uses the same Koli Concussion Gun as its larger cousin and can comfortably deliver more firepower too….assuming the squadron can reach the enemy of course! Crewed by yet more fearless Sorylian pilots, the Vro’Mak is brutal and coldblooded in its engagement style. Tactics tend to resolve around getting close and engaging the enemy in close quarters battle and them eliminating the survivors with the close range concussion guns.
Contains: 2 Sar’Mak Ground Attack Heavy Gunships and 3 Vro-Mak Ground Attack Gunships. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

PFTD07PFTD07 The Directorate Ground Attack Helix
The Shade Heavy Ground Attack Gunship forms the backbone of the Directorate Aerial Cadres. Fielded in pairs, the Shade gives covering fire to the advancing ground forces using its powerful Diligence Plasma Cannons to soften up targets prior to the ground forces hitting with the killing blow. In addition, the Shade forms part of the Directorate communications link to the operations headquarters where it can immediately relay likely areas for the deployment of artillery assets. Multiple cadres of Shade Heavy Gunships can quite literally decimate the enemy from afar ensuring the Directorate ground forces face considerably less resistance when they make contact.
A Phantom Ground Attack Gunship provides the Directorate Ground Commander a highly flexible firepower option and is often requested as a line breaker asset when dealing with enemies that can execute strong close range capabilities. The Phantoms use an unusual method of lift and propulsion that allows them to operate as a very effective ambusher, placing itself in the fire-line to deliver its ordnance before escaping into the shadows to bide its time, ready to strike later!
Contains: 2 Shade Ground Attack Heavy Gunships, 3 Phantom Ground Attack Gunships and 2 Sky Drop Markers & Micro Dice. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

PFTR07PFTR07 The Relthoza Ground Attack Helix
The mighty Vaxiss Ground Attack Leviathan is extensively used by the Relthoza as a first strike element. Crewed by a number of fully developed Relthozan Warriors, the monstrous amalgam spurs the forces of Relthoza onwards with a combination of speed and focused aggression, accelerated by the insertion of the Massith Drone Node – a prototype synaptic-inducer that delivers using the Leviathan’s boosted Nexus Designator.
The Vaxiss is further armed with a pair of Pupa Shard Cannons that spit out a torrent of highly voracious nano-munitions that can be seen to literally ‘eat the target’, and a mounted Chelicerae Missile System that can independently target heavily defended enemy targets, the Vaxiss is rightly feared across the enemies of the Relthozan Empire.
The Massith Drone Node is a relatively new Relthozan technological advance. The node is entirely passive until activated by the proximity of Relthozan light elements. When active, the Node interfaces with the younger Relthozan’s battle suits, increasing aggression and combat potential. This unusual Node is often deployed by the Vaxiss Ground Attack Leviathan prior to a focused orbital assault by the light forces, turning these small elements into furious killers!
Contains: 1 Vaxiss Ground Attack Leviathan, 2 Massith Drone Nodes and 1 Sky Drop Marker & Micro Dice. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.


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