Aug 022014

pathfinder tech guideTechnology Guide

$19.99 SRP


Ever wondered how a laser gun would function in a world full of magic and traditional fantasy weaponry? Look no farther than the Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Technology Guide! Packed with 64 pages of new technology rules for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, this indispensable resource for Game Masters running adventures in the land of Numeria, the setting of the Iron Gods Adventure Path, will supercharge any fantasy game looking to add futuristic and alien technology.




Inside this book you will find:


-Scores of technological weapons, armor, and other items, including plasma grenades, force fields, and pharmaceuticals.

-New uses of skills to interact with technology, allowing players to translate computer code, place and disarm explosives, and disable electronic devices.

-Rules for crafting technological items.

-New archetypes allowing existing character classes to specialize in using or battling technology.

-The technomancer prestige class, frequently used by the members of Numeria’s sinister Technic League.

-Rules for cybernetic implants, power generators, artificial intelligences, and much, much more!

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