Sep 182012

Here is our review of the Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide.


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The Advanced Race Guide  has about 260 pages 30 races and endless possibilities.   The Lay out is done in a an easy to follow manner, with the core races first followed by feature races and uncommon races.  The last portion of the book is about building races.  One of the coolest features is the little inlay they have for every race.   Of course their is always the art, it drives me crazy.  I am trying to put it into  a genre and I can’t.  I like the unique flavor they have captured.

So what does the Advanced Race Guide bring us?  It offers all the races unique ways to be tweaked.  You can pick and choose from new racial traits, archetypes, feats, equipment, magic items and even spells.   But my favorite part is the Race Builder.

As mentioned before the races are categorized as Core, featured, and uncommon.  The core races have the most “extras’ available to them.  You can easily give your basic elf a makeover with the options available to elves.  They even have some samples listed with some of the core races.  The Core races receive more additions than the others races.  While the feature races have less choices available to them.  It is still pretty easy to customize them.  Looking at a Drow you can take Darklands Stalker at the expense of Spell-like abilities racial trait.   What that does for your Drow is gives him the ability to move through rough terrain underground with no penalty.  plus if his dex is 13 or greater he gains the Nimble Moves feat as a bonus.  Oh, in case your wondering the a featured race is one that is not normally seen, but always seems to turn up in an adventuring party.  Uncommon races have, in a way, the most to gain. These races are pretty much new race options for players.  They are pretty much a straightforward guide to making your character with these new races.  I am looking forward to making me a Kitsune.   Races that are new to me Gillmen, Nagaji, Vanaras, and Vishkanyas.

The Race builder looks fairly simple to use.  It is a point based system.  In the system you buy traits, qualities etc by using racial points.  The final cost of your concoction determines the strength of the race.  They even give you chart to show where your race might fall.  In other Words is it a core race, Advanced race, or a monster.   There are several archetypes, like a Drider, in  the race builder to use as a guide.  It is My second favorite feature of the book.  I can’t wait to make a race.


The Advanced Race guide  is a n excellent tool for both GM’s and Players.  IF you like playing elves and are tired of  the same thing, this book will allow you to customize your elf.  As  Gm you can have all kinds of fun with an easy system for race building.

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