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clan ijin)Ninja All-Stars: Clan Ijin



Ninja All-Stars is the fast paced player-versus-player (PVP) miniatures game where players pit their team of chibi-style anime ninja and ronin against each other, in hopes of winning the Moonlight Tournament.


Forming the crescent moon shape that is so well known to Kagejima’s cartographers, south of the Moon Princess’s palace, lies the great gulf of skulls. Deep caverns, barred with iron and oak, guarded by stone carved war gods serve as the only warning for anyone foolish enough to traverse this blasted landscape. Within the dark caverns reside the flinty residents of this inhospitable land. Adept at working in darkness, and sculpted by hard labor, the people of this region are tough, iron fisted, and suffer no insult. These are the lands of the Ijin clan.


The Ijin value strength above all else. Their clan is founded upon the belief that might makes right. All leadership and societal positions within the clan are won based on martial prowess. The Ijin believe that the weak should serve the strong. The harshness of their homeland has honed them into an efficient, focused culture with little room for indulgence.


Void Witches are an exception to the Ijin’s strength based society. These elder Maudoushi mystics act as advisors to the warrior leaders of the Ijin. Most of the clan view Void Witches with suspicion, as the Ijin mistrust the arcane or esoteric, but the witches’ supernatural powers require that the clan treats them with respect.


Many clans refuse to travel to the lands of the Ijin, even by sea, as the locals are not only harsh of tongue but extremely critical of outsiders, and prone to locking away travelers in iron cages deep within the mountains. While Ijin can be rebellious and cruel, outsiders that are able to show strength earn respect and are granted privilege to treat and trade with the clan.


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