Apr 152012

Our new friends at GCT studios have some information with us…


They have shared some pics with us on one of their newest greens.   These images are exclusive so enjoy them




Now we  have a picture of the green for the Bakemono Tracker.  GCT has told us he is part of the upcoming Savage wave.  Enjoy









I really don’t know what to think about Bushido yet.  I stumbled across it looking for some minis for an Oriental Adventures campaign.  I liked the pictures I saw and the art, so I dropped them a line.   I even found the rules to Bushido here.  I am hoping to give the rules a read this week.  If you are looking for some cool oriental figs thes will suite your needs. We are glad that we found Bushido and look forward to seeing more of their work.


The images are the intellectual property of GCT Studios.




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