Nov 122011

I am very happy to let you know that Dream Pod 9 has shared  pictures and concept art of there November releases.


Her are some pics of  the Badlands out post




Badlands Outpost

Suggested retail price: $29.95 CAD

No special packaging.

Our online store exclusive.



It is compatible with the Defense Turret Two Pack DP9-9101 $23.75 CAD (sold seperately) with the help of connecting piece included in the Badlands’ Homestead building.


(It is big enough to fit a Hammerhead turret, just saying.)


There will be other badlands buildings in future releases.



Other terrains available from us and distributors (wayland and others)

4 Stoneheads pack DP9-9007 $26.75 CAD

2 Stonehead pack DP9-9053 $12.25 CAD

Destroyed Hunter diorama DP9-9008 $13.50 CAD

Destroyed Jager diorama DP9-9014 $13.50 CAD


Then just in time for Black Friday (there abouts) Dream Pod 9 is releasing the New Coalition (NuCoal) for Heavy Gear.  The coolest geear bing released is the Hussar.  It can function as both a tank and a gear.


Here are some Pics courtesy of Dream Pod 9


It looks like the holiday seasons will be a great time for giving gear on gear action.


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