Feb 032012

BT: Grasshopper GHR-7P Mech


 GHR-7P – Based on the GHR-7X, this Grasshopper variant uses a Torso Mounted Cockpit, Light Engine, and Improved Jump Jets as well. The Bloodhound Active Probe is also retained. The main difference is in the weapons mounted on the Grasshopper. Instead of Medium Pulse Lasers and Bombast Lasers, the GHR-7P carries a Large X-Pulse Laser and an ER Medium Laser in each arm while another ER Medium Laser fills the head.





BT: Blood Reaper Mech

The Blood Reaper was built around a pair of CC 6-Rack Advanced Tactical Missile Launchers, one per torso, which provided it with flexible multi-range firepower. At long range they were supported by a hard-hitting Type 22 ER PPC in each arm, while a pair of General Systems Heavy Medium Lasers offered enhanced close-range punch. A three ton ammo bay for each ATM launcher allowed the MechWarrior to carry two tons of each of three of the ATM missile types, ensuring maximum tactical flexibility in the field.

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