Jan 232012

The Sampson Hover APC has been released for NuCoal forces! The Sampson is a hover APC design based on the CEF’s HPC-64, but engineered to meet NuCoal’s requirements.

  • The basic Sampson has a turret with linked Light Autocannons installed.
  • The Sampson can transport two squads of infantry troops.
  • The Sampson is equipped with a ramp and separate doors to make it easier for troops to embark and disembark.

While a new design, the Sampson has proved popular with NuCoal forces and is even beginning to see use by their Humanist Alliance allies

Sampson CV
The Sampson CV is the command variant that upgrades the communications and sensor gear to fulfill commander’s desires for knowledge about the battlefield. (TURRETS)

Sampson Javelin

The Sampson Javelin variant allows the APC to pack a powerful punch as the turret is modified to hold an Anti-Gear Missile launcher.

Sampson Spear

he Spear variant is designed to act as a support weapon for Infantry forces as well as NuCoal’s Gear squads. It is equipped with dual Medium Rocket Pods to provide the necessary firepower to push back attacking forces or breach enemy defenses.

The Sampson can be fielded in several NuCoal combat groups as well as with County Militia or Humanist Alliance forces.The Sampson is available now for $27 from the Dream Pod 9 online store or our retailers.

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