Apr 232012

Well the brave men at Dream pod 9 have done it again.   They have brought us some great new models.  Two in fact.

The first is the Barnaby APC.

The Barnaby can be be pre-ordered at DP9


The Barnaby is used by the South to reduce wear on the gears and allow pilots a chance to relax before and after the battle.


It is currently available as a terrain piece or an objective.  the resin model features a high level of detail both on and inside the model.  the kit also includes a gear that can be used to change the tone of the piece.  The gear can be placed dismounting or it can can be  placed inside the hull of the Barnaby.

The Chargeur is next up on the assembly line.

It can also be pre-ordered at DP9

The Chargeur is an engineering gear used by the NuCoal forces.

It can be built for the Arena being equipped with vibro claws and a mauler fist.  Or if you prefer war, it can be built with with special manipulators for loading and off loading ammunition.  The two pack includes a variety of bits like the buzz saw, LACs, and two chain swords.


And just  areminder Dream pod 9 is still having their spring sale until May 1st.


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