Apr 112015

Did you miss the Popular Bones II kickstarter.  If you did here are this month’s releases



Bones KrakenBones: Kraken

$24.99 SRP



bones SuccubusBones: Succubus

$2.99 SRP







bones gaunfildBones: Gauntfield

$2.99 SRP








Bones MinotaurBones: Minotaur, Demon Lord

$12.99 SRP





bones narthaxBones: Narthrax

$19.99 SRP




Bones NecromancerBones: Necromancer

$2.99 SRP








bones aaronBones: Aaron

$2.79 SRP








Bones NakaBones: Pathfinder: Nakayama, Iconic Samurai

$2.99 SRP






Bones AlahaBones: Pathfinder: Alahazra, Iconic Oracle

$2.99 SRP








Bones mashaafBones: Mashaaf, Great Old One

$29.99 SRP






Bones KrugjpgBones: Krug, Hill Giant

$8.99 SRP








Bones CountBones: Count Lorenth

$3.99 SRP




Bones BathalianBones: Chronoscope Modern Miniatures: Bathalian Primarch

$3.99 SRP








bones jigsawBones: Chronoscope Modern Miniatures: Jigsaw, IMEF Medic

$2.79 SRP







bones nightslipBones: Chronoscope Modern Miniatures: Nightslip

$2.49 SRP








Bones undeda outlawBones: Savage Worlds: Undead Outlaw

$2.99 SRP








bones telephone boxBones: Chronoscope Modern Miniatures: Telephone Box

$4.29 SRP










bones starship doorBones: Chronoscope Modern Miniatures: Starship Door

$3.29 SRP

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