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Jul 232013

Navajo WarsNavajo Wars: A History of the American Southwest, 1598-1864

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In Navajo Wars, you the player must use skillful planning and cunning against a constantly changing and aggressive enemy.


Navajo Wars uses a unique mix of cards and an enemy instruction matrix to drive the actions of the enemy. More than just chart-checking and die-rolling, in Navajo Wars, the player has to make lots of meaningful decisions in order to win. To keep the enemy at bay, you must use plan ahead to build up your tribe’s population. You must attack enemy outposts, and raid enemy settlements. You will need to plant and harvest corn, and develop herds of sheep as well as horses in order to survive the slow desertification of the American Southwest. You will need the wisdom of your tribe’s elders to guide your people through treacherous times and further develop your tribe’s culture to survive the influences of an alien civilization set out to subjugate you.


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