Sep 252014

9781782000754-th2Thor Myths and Legends is a really good intro book who wants to learn about the mythology of Thor and other Nrose gods. If you’re only familiar with the Marvel version of Thor sit down before you read this books.

There are several tales about Thor in this book, many are even complete. Graeme takes a historical approach that references other books and documents that have studied these poems and legends in a far greater detail. But the information is far from dry, he breaks it down so anyone can rad the contents.

As you might imagine many of these stories developed Thor, but what little do we know. Thor was a red head, according to legend. These stories touch upon the Thor’s strength, Loki, How he won the hammer, his hatred for frost giants and more.

There’s even a section on the Marvel version of Thor. It was really cool to see that the myth has evolved into today’s world and still maintains much of it’s origin.


It is only 8- pages but it will keep you entertained for more than an evening.

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