Aug 122013

From the VaultMtG: >From the Vault: Twenty

$39.99 SRP

Available August 23rd.

From the Vault: Twenty celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the world’s premier trading card game. Each year of Magic history is represented by a card used that year in a tournament winning deck. An included collector’s guide describes the role each card played in achieving victory.

Premium content for Magic collectors! 

• All 20 cards are black bordered and printed using a foil process unique to the From the Vault series.

• Each appears in the current card frame, some for the first time.

• 7 of the cards feature brand new artwork.

• Spindown life counter featuring the expansion symbol is included.

To order, please select ACD Distribution when signing up for this product.  ACD will be offering WOC pricing on these exclusive sets! Sign up today and secure your piece of Magic: The Gathering twentieth anniversary before it’s too late! 

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