Apr 252012

So Monte Cook Had this to say the other day

“Last week I decided that I would leave my contract position with Wizards of the Coast. I am no longer working on Dungeons & Dragons, although I may provide occasional consultation in the future. My decision is one based on differences of opinion with the company. ”

You can read the full article at Chapel Perilous and I suggest you do.

Monte Cook at the 2007 ENnies.

Monte Cook at the 2007 ENnies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is no drama bout the decision or anything like that.  he does say he has something in the works.  It should be interesting.


So what does this mean for Dungeons and Dragons?

Is something we should be concerned about as a consumer?  While it is a little alarming that he is leaving, I am not sure it should be  major concern of ours.  He doesn’t say there is a problem with the system.  In fact, he says he will miss working with the staff.


I have a lot of mixed emotions about 5 th ed.  I think the idea of getting all D&D players under the same rules set should be an ideal not a goal.

I wish I knew more about 5th ed.


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