Feb 252014

From the Myth project update


We also plan to launch MegaCon Games next KS during the month of March. It is called MERCS: Recon. It is a fully cooperative game in the MERCS world. The game will launch with game rules and how to play videos. It has been ready for a bit now, but we wanted to start shipping Myth before we launched it. Every delay in shipping pushed Recon back further and tested our patience more.

recon 1

In the end, we are very glad to have waited. We want our past, present, and future backers to trust we can fill our first KS before they double-down on our second. We’ve learned a bunch from the Myth KS. Let’s face it, Myth ended up being 5 times the size originally planned. We tried to be on time, but failed. We have already setup the Recon KS to be more streamlined and much easier to understand.

recon 3

If you are a Myth backer you will be getting an update in early March that directs you to Recon.

recon 2

I look forward to this.  I already enjoy the MERCS game so another way to play is fine by me.

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