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Sep 282014

nevermore22Mars Needs Mechanics



London, 1873 – The Royal Academy of Space Exploration has announced its intention to launch a mission to Mars by year’s end. In its quest to claim, fully explore, and map the great red planet, the Academy is holding recruitment competitions for various positions on the crew. A position central to the crew’s mission, the Astronautical Engineer must be resourceful and efficient in his construction of various mechanisms and ship maintenance.





Mars Needs Mechanics places players in an exciting competition to win a spot aboard the first ever manned space flight to Mars! Set in an alternative steampunk version of Victorian England, players must prove their wits, timing, and efficiency by building steampunk mechanisms and maneuvering the market. Craft automatons, x-ray goggles, and difference engines in this instant classic from up and coming designer, Ben Rosset.


2-4 players

Ages 10+

45 minute play time

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