Sep 082011

I just learned that Wizards of the Coast is sponsoring Magic the Gathering Mini Masters events at select stores (Magic Celebration) this Saturday September 10th.  Here are the locations.   What is cool about, I mean what makes it different from other mini masters?  It is free, while supplies last.  That is right free Wizards of the Coast is giving back to their customers.


So what is a mini master AKA pack wars?  It is one of the most inexpensive limited formats you can play.  Each player receives one pack (M12 on Saturday) and three of each basic land then they get shuffled together.  That is right you play blind, you don’t look at your cards.  Each event is three or four rounds.  Each round you win earns you another free M12 booster to enhance your deck with.  On top of that WotC is supplying retailers with T-shirts and a code card for Duels of the Planeswalker 2012.   I am not sure how the code is going to be distributed, but it is for the platform of the player’s choice.


I will be at Freedom Games in North Canton Ohio on Saturday playing.  If you want to duel me come on down.

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