Jul 182012

From the Privateer Press  release

“There is no Subterra Bravo.”

Officially, the top-secret military facility doesn’t exist. There is no record of it: no blueprints, no photographs, no credible accounts. Rumors persist, but no one has ever found it. And those who have looked have disappeared.

Hidden from the trusting citizens of the U.S., inhuman denizens conduct gruesome experiments on their human victims. A small band of captives have awakened deep in the aging facility and now face impossible odds in a desperate attempt to escape with their lives.

Welcome to LEVEL 7, a sinister science fiction setting where nefarious conspiracies conceal the government’s collaboration with an unspeakable alien menace. More than a single game, LEVEL 7 is a whole world to be explored through a series of interactive and multimedia experiences.


Level 7 is due to release in September.   With any luck we can find out something more about the game at Gen Con.

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