Aug 122013

Gates of ChaosLegend of the Five Rings: Gates of Chaos Boosters Display

$181.92 SRP


 The enemy of the Colonies stands revealed. The mad dragon P’an Ku, a fundamental force of madness and destruction, has manipulated the Great Clans for its own unfathomable purposes. Madness, war, and disgrace have been the results. With P’an Ku’s machinations exposed, the samurai of the Colonies must now try to overcome their own animosities and find a means to defeat the influence of a divine enemy, or else all may be lost forever.


Gates of Chaos is the latest expansion for the fan favorite Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game from AEG. Like the previous expansion, Coils of Madness, it is part of both the Emperor and Ivory Arc. P’an Ku’s grip on the Colonies is almost complete as brave samurai assemble to enter the mouth of madness and confront him. Will he be defeated before he can finish molding the entire land to his image?


This set introduces the new Ivory Edition packaging for booster boxes: a tin box with embossed artwork on the lid and with 150 new cards legal for both the Emperor Edition and the Ivory Edition Arc, with a chance every booster to get a foil version of a rare card.


History is written by the victors. Who will prevail between the samurai and the mad divinity? You decide!

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