Oct 232015

l5rLegend of the Five Rings: Evil Portents Booster Display


The horror of the Dark Prophecy has come to pass. The time of the Empire’s fate is at hand.


The first of three ancient seals, crafted by the will of the Lady Sun, has been found. Deep within the Shinomen, the vast army of the Spider Clan descends upon its unprepared and outnumbered defenders, and the fate of both the First Seal and Rokugan hangs in the balance.


Evil Portents is the third expansion release in 2015 for the Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game. The celebration of a new Emperor has come to an ominous end as visions of dark horrors have come to fruition. The Emerald Empire is now staring a struggle of epic proportions in the eyes, as the Great Clans struggle to get ready to face the might of their enemy head-on!


The Evil Portents booster set contains:

10 Common cards

4 Uncommon cards

1 Rare card

1 Premium card

*chance for a foil in every booster!



16 Cards per Booster

36 Pack per Booster Display

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