Dec 042014

kroKromore Roleplaying Game



The Kromore Roleplaying Game is a new tabletop roleplaying experience that blends player options with a massive open-genre universe. The 352-page beautifully illustrated book has everything players and storytellers need to adventure in the world of Kromore.


Play in Fantasy, Steampunk, Medieval, Sci-fi, or Modern eras. Practice the ways of the Sci-magi with realm magic. Hunt down demons from the outer realms. Encounter aliens & demigods as you explore the universe. Customize unique characters, weapons, vehicles & armor. Explore a massive setting over Kromore’s 10,000 year timeline.



With the custom Kromore three action combat system players and story tellers can quickly add dimension and story to combat all while strategically planning the next move. Players can drive home lethal blows to targets using devastating attacks or pick apart enemy armor with a flurry of attacks. With literally thousands of different build scenarios players will never run out of new ways to defeat their enemies.

The system brings extensive choice to players in its uniquely strategic three action combat system blending new ideas with old for easy to play strategic adventures. A massive setting filled with wonder and excitement at every corner. An easy to use game system that gives choice to players. Hundreds of abilities & dozens of character professions. A diverse range of races, weapons, and armor to fit your characters game. You have everything you need to run your epic adventures in one beautiful book.

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