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Fireside Games is thrilled to announce the release of Kaiju Crush on November 1, 2017. Designed by Tim Armstrong and Justin De Witt (creator of Castle Panic), Kaiju Crush is a light strategy game with limited grid movement, shared objectives, and intransitive combat on a modular board.

Players choose 1 of 4 giant monsters to play and proceed to crush buildings and fight other kaiju for victory points. On each player’s turn, they choose to play either their own Movement Card or the Shared Movement Card to land on and crush a City Tile (a building). The player picks up the City Tile and drops a Territory Marker in its place. City Tiles score different points and Territory Markers can yield victory points based on Objective Cards, such as connected or unconnected Territory Markers, the number of City Tile Groups a player claims, and shapes created on the city grid.
Points are also generated by fighting either a Monster on an adjacent space or a Monster occupying a Territory Marker. To fight, players draw 5 Territory Markers and look at the reverse side. There are 5 symbols that represent the blows in the fight: firebreath, claw, tail, kick, and spikes. These symbols are part of an intransitive combat system, in which some beat others but are vulnerable to still other symbols. Each Monster also has their own unique fighting ability as well as Special Abilities that change every game. Winners of either type of battle gain a random Combat Victory Token worth 1 to 3 points. Winners of Territory Battles also replace the current Territory Marker with their own, which may help meet objectives as well as thwart opponents. When no Monster can move, the game is over, and the Monster with the most victory points is supreme! For more details on game play, see our blog post here.

Launch Kits will also be available to brick-and-mortar retailers for the November release. Each kit includes 5 sellable copies of the game, 1 demo copy, 5 Oblique-Checkerboard Objective Card promos, 1 shelf-talker, 5 “Ask for Promo” stickers, and 1 poster to advertise a demo event. The launch kit will be available through the usual solicitation process, and interested retailers may contact their distribution partners to place orders.

Fireside Games was formed in 2007 by Austin, Texas, residents Justin and Anne-Marie De Witt and is committed to helping you bring fun home by offering innovative games that provide unique gaming experiences and by constantly expanding our product line through variations, expansions, and all new games. Previously published games are The Wizard’s Tower

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