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With Magic the Gathering’s  Innistrad right around the corner, I have decided to do something I have never done.  I am am going to review a hand full cards from each color.  This will most likely take me 5 days and I will make mistakes.   The only thing left for me to do is select which color is first.  I think I will go Black, Blue, Green, Red, White and anything else.


In black I do see some potential for card quality.  My favorite cards in Black are, Blood Gift Demon, Liliana of the Veil, Endless Ranks, Morkhurt Banshee, and Skirsdag Piest.


Bloodgift Demon 3bb
Creature – Demon Rare
At the beginning of your upkeep, target player draws a card and loses 1 life.
He relishes the devotion of his Skirsdag puppets and their belief that it will earn them immortality.
Illus. Peter Mohrbacher #89/264 5/4

All I have to say is a 5/4 flyer for 5 is good.  In the current environment he is not that good, but keep in mind we will be changing things very soon.  But I doubt he will replace any of the current staples in Standard.

Liliana of the Veil  1bb
Planeswalker – Liliana     Mythic Rare
+1: Each player discards a card.
-2: Target player sacrifices a creature.
-6: Separate all permanents target player controls into two piles. That player sacrifices all permanents in the pile of his or her choice.
Illus. Steve Argyle #105/264

WOW!  I love her.  she is absolutly the best version of Liliana to date. Will she make black that much better?  No.  I do believe blue/black will be come a stronger more balanced deck because of her presence.


Morkrut Banshee 3bb
Creature – Spirit     Uncommon
Morbid – When Morkut Banshee enters the battlefield, if a creature died this turn, target creature gets -4/-4 until end of turn.
Let go your grudges, or risk wandering the bogs forever in a murderous rage.”
— Hildin, priest of Avavyn
Illus. Svetlin Velinov #110/264    4/4


While this guy is not nearly as special as the others I do think he will be a house in limited.

This next one is quite possibly my favorite card of the bunch.

Skirsdag High Priest 1b
Creature – Human Cleric     Rare
Morbid – {T}, tap two untapped creatures you control: Put a 5/5 black Demon creature token with flying onto the battlefield. Activate this ability only if a creature died this turn.
“Thraben’s pleas fall of deaf ears. Ours do not.”
Illus. Jason A. Engle #117/264    1/2

I am not really sure why I like this guy so much.  I think it is just that it will be easy to drop the 5/5 demon token into play.


Well that is all for today stop back tomorrow for some more of my picks.


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