Aug 032013

Razorwing Griffon Light Warbeast (plastic)Hordes: Circle of Orboros: Razorwing Griffon Light Warbeast (plastic)

$18.99 SRP

Razorwing Griffons plunge into battle with the piercing shrieks of birds of prey, diving brutally into enemy formations. Flying just a few feet above the ground, they move like threshers across crops of wheat. The griffons use their sharp-edged blades to slash through ranks of infantry, leaving a bloody trail of the dead and dying to mark their passage.

The Razorwing Griffon light warbeast comes in a box (PIP 72073). A player may field any number of Razorwing Griffons in a Circle army.


1 Razorwing Griffon

1 color stat card

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