Aug 122013

Hide the KidsHide the Kids

$24.99 SRP

Hide the Kids! is based on the Grimm Brothers tale of The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids. The game has been adapted for young children and is an on-table version of the all-time children’s favorite game “Hide & Seek”.

Within the game one of the players is chosen to take on the role of the wolf (finger-puppet) and the others players take on the role of the kids. The wolf will turn around and slowly count to ten, during which time the “kids” quickly hide under or behind the furniture. At each turn, the wolf is permitted to uncover two pieces of furniture, if a Kid is discovered, the wolf wins a Kid token. The kids win Pebble tokens if they are not found and will win more tokens if there are hidden and remain undiscovered while in the clock or in the tub. The first player, wolf or kid, to collect 7 tokens wins.

2-8 players

Ages 4+

20 minute play time


1 Rule book                                        1 Wolf puppet

7 Pieces of cardboard furniture            7 Wood Kid figures

49 Cardboard pebble/kid tokens

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